Top donors:

1Sakari Tropp Salmela5374
2Justin Wheeler4626
3Ian Maddox4471
5Blanca Torres4065
6Albert Pettersson3950
7Ahmed QADIR3735
8Madeline Chessman3496
9Kimi Umeki3449
11Adam Sowalsky3145
12Christie Williams3122
13Thomas Kirchner3069
14wendy way2888
15Czeslaw Milosz2721
17Will Moore2495
18Bjarte Rolland2422
19Blake OPS2420
22neo pod2326
24Brendan McGarvey2224
25Sheree Y2200

I have gotten the word from Gmail's Product Manager that my service is no longer tolerable. On June 7th, 2005, this service was disabled. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all who contributed to this service. Your generosity helped out a vast number of people and for that you should be proud.

The gmail spooler email account is now deactivated and any mail sent to it will bounce.

Please do not email me requests for Gmail accounts. This page is long closed and I have no invites to give. Google holds the keys to the invites and has been automatically invalidating invites sent to me for some time now.

Did you know there was more to this site than just a Gmail invite spooler? Check out some of the other fancy tools and toys I've whipped up.


  • This service was the most prolific Gmail account sharing service
  • At one point, Google thought enough of the traffic to this site to take out an ad for Gmail on the term isnoop
  • This service sent out 1,240,162 invites
  • Generous Gmail account holders sent in a whopping 2,497,681 invites
  • The most generous donor was Sakari Tropp Salmela, who shared 5,374 invites from a single Gmail account
  • I made third place with 4,471 invites sent from my primary Gmail account.

Back by popular demand, here is the final statistical graph from this service:

--Ian "isnoop" Maddox